The Covid Vaccine Pitfall

Friends and family have told me, that after they get vaccinated, they won

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Every Legal Vote Must be Counted

The 2020 election is over when every last legal vote is counted and certified by each state. What is considered a

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What is Impeachment, Anyway?

Impeachment is the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something; a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office.

Judging from the media hype and what I

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Let’s Talk Tariffs

Boring, I know, but most Americans know little or nothing about tariffs. Most are too young (or not born yet) to remember 1969 when a Japanese car manufacture flooded the US market with cheap and fuel-efficient Hondas, eventually destroying AMC and Chrysler and crippling GM and Ford. Toyota jumped in, as well. If not for tariffs, the US auto industry would have been scuttled. Take a look at what

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NYPD – Shame on You


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The Lack of Decorum

I studied the video of Trump’s confrontation with CNN’s Jim Acosta and came to a definite conclusion based on what actually happened.

When Jim Acosta challenged Trump on calling the migrant caravan, hundreds of miles away from the border, an invasion, Trump responded with,

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The Flynn Fiasco

General Flynn didn

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The Case against Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been accused of lying to Congress and lying to the FBI. When her use of a private server was discovered, a Republican witch hunt ensued. She was accused of storing classified emails improperly. She said there were no classified emails on her server. A Congressional investigative committee demanded she turn over the emails on her server to prove none were classified. She complied through a private company handling her server, with one exception. She had them delete her private emails first and only turn over the emails that contained State Department business.

The committee determined, that out of 30,000 plus emails, a small number of them (I

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What Disqualifies Trump for the White House?

I don

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The Trump Phenomenon


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