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American Hikers

Of all the beautiful places in the world to go hiking, three Americans chose to hike along the border between Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran. Could they have picked a more socially hostile and forbidding place? They accidently wandered into Iran and were somehow miraculously and immediately arrested and charged with spying.

That’s what our government would have us believe. However, any reasonable person would question this scenario on several levels. Nobody in their right mind would hike that border for fun or adventure. It’s an area not easily accessed by ordinary Joes. And to be captured so quickly, someone in Iran knew they were coming and sent a patrol to intercept them. And how dumb is Iran? They had a reason to charge the trio with spying. Otherwise they’d have charged them with illegal entry into the country, fined them, and sent them packing. That would have made more sense than creating an international incident for nothing.

Common sense tells us those three were up to something besides just hiking. And if so, why were they there? Were they working for someone? I suggest it was someone with enough clout to get them into war-torn Iraq, and someone with enough resources to put them on that border. My gut feeling is that they were spying, probably for the CIA. Why do I think it was the CIA? Enter the CIA “worker” who killed two men in Pakistan as they tried to rob him. Though Hillary Clinton denies it, the US paid 2.34 million dollars to the families of the dead muggers to gain the “worker’s” release. Seems Pakistani law allows this kind of extortion so a killer can get out of jail.

In the same way, these three American hikers were “released on bail” for a half million dollars each. Oman paid the money, but common sense says they didn’t reach into their pockets because they were being nice. Somewhere along the line, someone in the US, most likely the CIA, paid back the money to Oman (plus interest and service fees, I’m sure) through some backdoor channel.

An intelligent person must ask the question: why would our government pay to get these guys out of trouble? If it was you or I, we’d be left to rot. The answer must be: because they were all working for the CIA.

Bottom line: 3.84 million dollars ($3,840,000.00) of our tax money went to rescue these 4 idiots while our teachers have to buy classroom supplies for their students out of their own pockets.

That’s American Pork at its finest, folks. And we have no choice but to wallow in the slop.

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