Welcome Home Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox

I’m sorry you were convicted of a crime you didn’t do. I’m sorry you spent four years in an Italian prison because some depraved prosecutor had a fixation on orgy cults and conspiracy theories. That says a lot for the mentality and moral fiber of the man who pointed the finger at you.

I’m sorry the media painted you as sex crazed homicidal maniac, tainting the jury pool and turning most of the country against you. That’s what happens when people are stupid enough (or brainwashed enough) to believe that whatever they hear on the news is the truth. Truth doesn’t sell papers, sensationalism sells papers.

I’m sorry the police used brutal and deceitful interrogation techniques to break you down and falsely confess (loosely) to having been at the scene. Someone comment to me that that’s what happens in foreign countries where the system doesn’t have the same moral standards and judicial ethics as we have here in America. I had to remind that person that the same thing happens to innocent people in this country all the time.

But most of all, I’m sorry you lost your friend Meredith Kercher. What a horrible way to die. What a horrible experience that must’ve been for you to go through. I can’t imagine it myself, but I could see from the look on your face, your body language, and the way you and Raffaele sought comfort from each other that you were deeply hurt and shocked beyond measure.

Sadly, what happened to you can happen to anyone. Let this be a lesson to us all. Don’t talk to the police without a lawyer. The system is against you. It’s not interested in the truth. It’s interested in winning. The police want to solve the case quickly, and they’re not about to admit when they fingered the wrong person by extracting a false confession. The prosecutors want to win the case in court. And when they’ve falsely convicted someone, they don’t want to admit that either. To save face, they’d rather leave innocent people to rot in jail or die with a needle in their arm.

That’s American Pork, my friends, and we’re all wallowing in it together.

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