Occupy Wall Streeters Go Home!

"Go Home!"

Wall Street

A few college students got together one day and decided to demonstrate against Wall Street, slap corporate America in the face, and get a little publicity for themselves. It’s a free country. Knock your socks off.

Lo and behold, more and more people jump on this bandwagon, and pretty soon we have people from all walks of life in cities across the nation demonstrating with them. Social networking at its finest, folks. Problem is none of these “occupiers” have a clear goal to achieve. They’re all just making noise for the sake of making noise.

Martin Luther King marched for civil rights. His followers wanted to change the laws and policies that oppressed them. College students and “the silent majority” demonstrated against the Viet Nam War in hopes of ending the bloodshed. They had clear, definable, and achievable goals.

Exactly what do these “Occupy Wall Streeters” want: to blacken the eyes of the rich, to take over the New York Stock Exchange and conduct stock trading themselves (or abolish it all together), to take down the Federal Reserve, to change our banks’ lending policies so people who can’t afford loans get them anyway (been there, done that), to force corporate America to hire people they can’t afford to pay? What is it these protesters want? Do they have a legal or political avenue through which they can facilitate their demands? Or are they going to push their rhetoric to the point of rioting and force the authorities to step in with tear gas and rubber bullets to restore our streets and parks to normal? How do they think all of this is going to end?

 It’s as if these demonstrators don’t have a clue about how the system works. Wall Street reacts to the financial conditions in this country and around the world. Wall Street didn’t cause the economic problems we all face today. It’s reflecting the problems. Rich people, be it individuals or banks or insurance companies, corporations, domestic or foreign, invest their money and open up opportunities for everyone else. Those who understand the system and take advantage of those opportunities prosper. Those who don’t, become “Occupy Wall Streeters.”

Every single person in this country has the right to succeed. Granted, some people have a harder row to hoe than others, but crying over it, complaining about it, demonstrating against it doesn’t accomplish anything. Hard work, dedication, and a “never give up” attitude always prevail. What’s left for those who don’t have true grit and determination? Fortunately, in this country, they also have the right to fail.

So I say to all you misguided “Occupy Wall Streeters,” go home. Put your nose to the grindstone. Solve your own problems. After all, you are responsible for your own lives. Not the government. Not Wall Street. Not corporate America, and certainly not the losers you’re hanging out with.  

That’s the American Pork solution to the problem. Wallow in it and rejoice.

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6 Responses to Occupy Wall Streeters Go Home!

  1. Miike says:

    They should have gone to Washington and protested. You think the Barrak would be on *their* side then? Our government sends our money overseas in the billions. Let’s be real about this. The Wall Street bailout was just another welfare program, plain and simple. The government gave *our* money to these people.
    Thank you

  2. PS… when I started the Flyover War it was meant to be fiction. I’ve since temporarily tabled the project because it was all becoming real faster than I could make stuff up.

  3. It’s not the 1% that’s the problem, it’s the genetic lack of conscience in about 50% of them. The Republicans (and now the TP) are always screaming that they support executions and want to get rid of crime, but when has one of them proposed that market manipulation, bank fraud, and bribery of elected officials become capital crimes.

    Walmart is not and never will be a provider of things I “want and need.” I doubt that I’ve been in one more than half a dozen times in my life. When Sam was in charge almost everything in the stores was made in America, and the people who worked there felt they were listened to and respected. Now, with the kids in charge, more focused on owning sports teams and climbing Steve’s list, that’s all changed. I can’t imagine a manager who pressured minimum wage workers to work “off the clock” to improve his numbers surviving the the Sam Walton era. Now, the bastard probably got a double bonus.

    The “1%” don’t get it. The only thing they know about Main Street is what they’ve seen in a 1950s Norman Rockwell painting.

    The Pizza-Godfather-Who-Wants-to-Be-President told OWS that it was their own fault they weren’t rich themselves. They all deserved what they got because they borrowed too much money and fell for the bullshit used to push the “derivatives”. There are still millions of people who didn’t go into debt on houses and credit cards, who showed up for work every day, did great jobs, and still got screwed by the hijinks at AIG and Goldman Sacha.

    I, too, am fortunate enough to be closer to the 1% than many. But would I sell my soul or cash in my ethics and conscience to get there? NFW.

  4. Betsy Dornbusch says:

    It’s an interesting thought. What if the 1% were no longer there? What if they just vaporized? Hmm. I’m going to have to mull that one over.

  5. Terry Wright says:

    Great comments, Betsy.
    You’re right. Occupy Wall Streeters know what they want. And every complaint/demand is well founded in both truth and theory. It’s just that the 99%ers want so many things and have so many complaints that I can’t see this ending well for them (or America, for that matter). To achieve a fraction of what they want would require the total dismantling of our financial and political systems, the imprisonment of rich people, legislators, judges, and corporate executives, and the boycotting of companies that sell us the things we need and love. (Walmart, for one). It would take anarchy (think Egypt and Libya). The only legal and ethical way to change the system is from within, by voting, for example, not by hanging out in our public parks, pitching tent cities, and bellyaching about the 1%ers. We need them, if for no other reason than to have something to aspire to.

  6. Betsy Dornbusch says:

    The best part of Occupy Wall Street is the discussion it’s generated. But I’ll tell you what I’ve told many others: I think you need to go do some reading because you’re just repeating what the commercial news and conservative republican is saying. As I told others when I discussed this online, turn off all commercial news and political pundits and seek out firsthand sources. There’s plenty out there to read, from their press releases to their tumblr blog. There are very clear goals in place, and they’re narrowing all the time. I predict the movement will start to take shape (and funding, like the Tea Party did) very soon.

    I’m a hell of a lot closer to the 1% than the 99%, benefiting from sometimes unethical business practices of others, (I’ve firsthand stories from the “1%” that would curl your hair–oh yeah, it’s already kinda wavy, you’ve been around the block a time or two I bet =D) and I still see the logic in what they’re doing, just as I see some of the logic behind what the Tea Party stood for (before it was hijacked by the Republicans and Religious Right). You don’t have to agree with what they want, but to just spout the supposed party line of they “don’t know what they want” makes people look uninformed. And no, I don’t agree whole heartedly with everything they say, but I’ve little faith in the ethics of the top 1% (I’ve met too many of them).

    Unfortunately, independent protest is messy and college kids are often spoiled. They’re 22 at best, for crissake. But too many older, smart, thinking people are joining up to not get informed and consider at least some of the validity of what they’re talking about.

    Not that you can’t google, but some links that clarified things for me:


    and this is just hilarious–flip through the pictures for the captions: