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The Super Committee was Destined to Fail

On the eve of this country’s darkest financial hour, the Super Committee is no longer trying to reach a deal on the nation’s deficit. They are trying to decide how to tell the American people they have failed to come … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End of America

I’m worried that the Occupy Movement is doing more harm to this country than any good that could possibly come of it. It’s turning American against American, not just protesters against rich people, not just cops against protesters, but citizens … Continue reading

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The Fall of an American Icon

People have asked me why I haven’t chimed in on the Penn State Sex Scandal. “Sex Scandal?” That couldn’t be further from the truth. This scandal isn’t about sex in any sense of the word most of us are familiar … Continue reading

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Is Herman Cain too close to the White House?

Tied neck-n-neck with Mitt Romney in the polls as the Republican Party’s nominee to run against Barack Obama, Herman Cain is in for the fight of his life. Not a political battle over the problems this nation faces, not a … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street (and our streets) – A Dangerous Road to Tyranny

What did I tell you this “occupy” movement would come to? Rioting in the streets. And here you have it happening all around our country. The 99%ers are breaking the laws of our land. They’re setting fires and looting. Damaging … Continue reading

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Michael Moore, for those who missed it

He used the Occupy Denver protesters as a publicity stunt to promote himself and sell more books. The reporter called him on it, and Michael Moore showed his true colors. My question is, why did the 99%ers huddle around this … Continue reading

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