Occupy Wall Street (and our streets) – A Dangerous Road to Tyranny

America's Future - The end of a dream?

What did I tell you this “occupy” movement would come to? Rioting in the streets. And here you have it happening all around our country. The 99%ers are breaking the laws of our land. They’re setting fires and looting. Damaging property.  Attacking the police. The protesters have gone from sympathetic to pathetic. They are criminals and should be dealt with accordingly.

And when the authorities go in to restore the peace, the protesters have the nerve to think of themselves as victims in all this. What do they expect the rest of us to do? Let them have their way just because most of us agree with what they are protesting against. WE (“we” being the lawful people of our country) hire the police to protect us from lawlessness. We don’t want them to stand back and let these lawbreakers wreak havoc in our cities. Put up tent encampments in our parks. Clog our sidewalks. Stop traffic and blockade our ports. We want to live in peace. And if it takes tear gas and rubber bullets to send the criminals packing…then so be it.

The more these protesters force the police and our government to protect our American way of life, the closer they push our country to the brink of tyranny. Look at what happened in Libya. The people rose up against their government. Kaddafi was forced to fight back to protect his country. Sure he was a dictator… but not unlike the “corporate greed” these Occupy Wall Streeters have vilified. Now the Libyans’ country is in ruins. They have to start over with a new government and a new way of life. But they are free now…you say. NO THEY ARE NOT. Like Egypt after ousting Mubarak, they are now under military rule, and military rule has never ended well for anyone.

Is that what these protesters want America to become? A crumbled nation? Do they want a bloody civil war? Military rule? Because they believe they haven’t been given their fair share of the wealth? How pathetic is that?

It goes beyond American Pork, my friends. Way beyond common sense.

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9 Responses to Occupy Wall Street (and our streets) – A Dangerous Road to Tyranny

  1. Terry Wright says:

    Hi Aaron, thanks for the comment. Those buttwads are known as “The Black Bloc” who have used the Occupy movement (in Oakland, for one place) to wreak havoc just for the sake of provoking the police and rioting in the streets. At one point, TBB broke into a store, and the Occupy Wall Streeters formed a human chain, locking arms to keep looters out. I give them credit for that, but still, I think they need to go home and take control of their own lives.

  2. I think it was Barry White who said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.”

    However, you won’t see armed rebellion from Americans any time soon. We have satellite T.V., Netflix streaming, and Taco Bell. Take away our cheap fast food and unlimited entertainment, well, then you’ll have problems. But I’m enjoying the hopeful nature of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I would imagine most of them are just peaceful folks who want to see some change. But of course, you have the buttwads who aren’t, and they need rubber bullets and tear gas.

  3. Nan says:

    I drive by this mess on a daily basis and it does look like Woodstock. Who do you think is going to pay to have this mess cleaned up and pay for the overtime hours the cops are working?

  4. Kay Bergstrom says:

    Our American way of life includes free speech, and sometimes that gets messy. We are the nation of: “I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.” Which is why I’m not going to yell in my high-pitched liberal voice about your comments. You have a right to your opinion, and your comparison of “Wall Street greed” to Kaddafi is far more radical than any protest. Kaddafi was not only a dictator but an acknowledged terrorist (remember Lockerbie?). I don’t think Morgan Stanley has gone quite that far.
    Like you, I’m not sure of the exact message from Occupy Denver, but I appreciate the attention it brings to the economic injustice being perpetrated in our country where funding to education is being cut, children are going to bed hungry and seniors can’t afford their medication.
    You’ve actually inspired me to take a field trip down to Occupy Denver and talk to the people on the street so I really know what’s going on instead of what’s being reported.

  5. Terry Wright says:

    Did anyone catch Michael Moore’s arrival in Denver at the Occupy Denver protest? The reporter from Channel 4, Evrod Cassimy, put him on the spot. “Aren’t you part of the 1%?” Moore said he does well and thinks those who do well should pay more taxes, including himself, (I almost barfed) so Cassimy asked him about his rumored 50 million but couldn’t finish his question because Moore got mean, called him “punk media,” put his hand on Cassimy’s shoulder and shook him, accused him of selling rumors, and called him a liar more than once.
    Come on, he was in town to promote his book and used the Occupy Denver bunch as a publicity stunt. The hypocritical 99%ers huddled around him like he was their hero. When the reporter put him on the spot, Moore changed the subject by verbally attacking the media and the reporter. He used the protesters for his own personal gains, and the protesters were oblivious to his ploy as they vied for their own time on camera.
    Meanwhile, Denver police stayed away, not wanting to be made out as the bad guys in all this. The whole thing would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so high.

  6. Terry is right on target. I don’t know what Sandi’s comment means–it can be interpreted two ways.

  7. Terry Wright says:

    Our founding fathers didn’t demonstrate in the streets and burn their neighborhoods in the name of corporate greed. They dumped their own tea in the harbor and took up armed rebellion against England for good reasons: taxation without representation, separation of church and state, the right to bear arms, the right of peaceful and lawful assembly… The country that rose after the Revolutionary War isn’t perfect, we have our problems, but I think it deserves better than a bunch of lawbreaking losers trying to get something they haven’t earned (a share of the wealth that someone else earned).

  8. Sandi says:

    I can’t help but wonder what America would look like if our founding fathers had obtained their permits and paid their fees?

  9. Vicki Pierce says:

    Well said, Terry. Very little past the 3rd day of this so-called protest has been legal. And the constant comparisons to the Tea Party are laughable. These occupying whiner-babies never got a permit or paid fees (which pays for the police protection and clean up of their cesspools), have blatantly broken the laws the rest of us must adhere to (such as not camping in a city park), and whined incessantly to a non-sensically supportive press. It’s irrational, it’s adolescent.

    In the meantime, the rest of us are having to waste valuable taxpayer dollars on this temper tantrum that could be better used in our schools and in our public service departments. It will take hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to repair the damage done to our parks alone.

    Why this has been allowed to continue is a mystery. No other group in history has been given a pass for lawlessness like this, and then our duly elected representatives publicly support them while calling the Tea Party (who clean up after themselves, get permits, pay fees, and have a clear, unified message) names like terrorists, racists, and astroturf.

    EVERYONE is angry about the bail-outs, but this lawless mob isn’t standing for that anymore, even if they ever did. They stand for the selfish Me Me Me culture our entitlement programs have cultivated.

    It’s like I said two months ago …. these people think they are at Woodstock but no one has noticed there isn’t a band playing!