Is Herman Cain too close to the White House?

Tied neck-n-neck with Mitt Romney in the polls as the Republican Party’s nominee to run against Barack Obama, Herman Cain is in for the fight of his life. Not a political battle over the problems this nation faces, not a battle at the voting booths over who is better to lead this country out of economic ruin… not in a debate over issues of grave concern to us all… but a battle in defense of his character.

Along come these anonymous women with unspecified claims of sexual improprieties by Herman Cain while he was head of the restaurant organization. Cain says these accusations are groundless and refuses to waste his time talking about them. So enter Sharon Bialek, a single mom with details of her encounter with Herman Cain 14 years ago. She wants him to come clean and admit his sexual improprieties. Just like that. Amazing how that happened: he won’t talk, she makes it impossible for him NOT to talk.

I don’t believe a word she has to say. Why?

She doesn’t come to the microphone looking like a victimized single mom. No, this woman is primped and primed for the camera, complete with glossy lipstick and studious glasses. I believe she came to tell her story looking like a hottie on purpose, to demonstrate that she is attractive to men. How could her story not be true? Cain could not have resisted such a looker, who by the way came to him for a job which she didn’t get. Smell a little revenge skunk in the sugar mill?

And worse, she read her account from a piece of paper. One with any common sense would know that if that alleged “sexual impropriety” actually took place, she wouldn’t have to read it to us. She’d have known the story by heart, engraved in her memory, and told it in a confident and smooth voice. Instead, she constantly referred to her paper and stuttered out the words, her voice cracking with deceit. It’s hard to remember a lie, folks, and she’s a lousy actress.

And the details of Cain’s “sexual impropriety” sounded as clumsy as a high school boy on prom night. Her alleged response to his hand going up her dress: “You know I have a boyfriend.” So…if she didn’t have a boyfriend would his advances been okay? And his response to her: “You want a job, don’t you?” Doesn’t get more clichéd than that. Remember, Cain had no history of attacking women. Only when he became popular in the poles did these claims come out of the woodwork.

And on Bialek’s left stood the high profile lawyer Gloria Allred, all serious and pompous looking. Somebody explain to me how a single mom can afford the likes of her. Somebody is paying her fee. I’ve read speculation that it’s the Obama camp. I think not. In this stage of the campaign, Cain is no threat to Obama or the Democratic Party. However, Cain is a threat to Romney and Perry. He may even be a threat to the Republican Party. He’s getting too popular. Those who want him discredited cannot beat him on his record or his ideals or on his vision to lead this country, so they go after his character. All they have to do is use the media to place a seed of doubt in the voters’ minds and Cain is history.

The tactic worked to derail Gary Hart’s bid for the presidency in 1988 and damn near canned Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Senate confirmation to the Supreme Court. Again, someone has reached into their bag of dirty tricks, and I believe their intensions are to keep another black man out of the White House. What do you bet?

This isn’t just American Pork, my friends. It’s lower than swine poop in the pigsty!

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