Our President is not a Whipping Post

I don’t know about you, but as an American, I am sick to death of hearing the Republican candidates and talk show hosts bash our President. Barack Obama was duly elected by the majority of the people, and he deserves the respect his office affords. He’s not to blame for the financial crisis, the housing market meltdown, the unemployment rate. He’s not to blame for the health care fiasco. He’s not America’s whipping post.

Everyone who points the finger at him and cries “Obamacare”, for example, doesn’t understand how the system works. Obama had a vision for this country, to eradicate the worst insurance company practices perpetrated against the American people. This is nothing new. Since the early 20th century, Presidents have been trying to reform our health care system, but they couldn’t get Congress to act against their most lucrative financial supporters. Obama did.

However, it was Congress who made health care reform into an 1100 page fiasco. I took the time to read it (well, most of it). Did you? Nearly every paragraph has references to ten other paragraphs; it’s next to impossible to follow. Congress convoluted health care so badly that everybody hates something about it, but guess who gets the bad rap for it:

Our President, Barack Obama.

This blame-game makes for great talk radio and debate fodder, to wit Glenn Beck. If it wasn’t for freedom of speech, this guy would be in prison for treason. He bashes the President. He bashes the country. He preaches our doom and how he’s been warning everyone for the past two years that the Obama administration is going to bring us to our knees. He sells a lot of books to people who will mosey up to his pig trough and gobble up the slop. Dan Caplis is another arm-chair politician who professes to know what’s best for this country. He calls our President “weak” and demeaning to the world. If he’s so damn smart, why doesn’t he run for President? Because he can make more money sitting behind a radio mike and bashing the man who has stepped up to take the whippings for health care, the bailouts, and the stimulus package that so horribly failed.

Was his stimulus package his failure? Congress passed the law to give us all some spending money. To get the economy going. I got my check. I spent it. Did anyone here send their check back to the government and tell them “no thanks?”

Congress, not Barack Obama, bailed out the banks and the auto makers. Of course they did. Big money begets big favors. He agreed to the bailouts because his advisors told him countless jobs would be saved. Countless retirement accounts would be salvaged. Mine was. Were the bailouts a failure? Not for me, but ask Beck. Ask Caplis. Ask the Republican presidential wannabes. They have the answer. The bailouts were a failure; blame it on Obama.

Congress is the pig in the room, folks. And we are the ones who put them there, so lay the blame where it belongs. Whip them and not our President. That’s American Pork.

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8 Responses to Our President is not a Whipping Post

  1. Well stated. I’ve long been annoyed with people who blame the president for everything they perceive as being wrong with America.
    There are 3 branches of government. And the executive branch isn’t the one that writes the laws. (Or approves budgets, or…)
    On the other hand I smiled when I saw that congress currently has a 10% approval rating. Giving it a lower approval rating than BP during the gulf oil spill.
    Now we just have to get out and vote.
    It’s time we the people started exercising our rights.

  2. Vicki Pierce says:

    Congress is a mess and has made a bigger mess … particularly during President Obama’s first two years when he had Democratic majorities in both houses and every piece of important legislation he wanted was passed. When that legislation didn’t do what he said it would, he blamed the Republicans.

    President Obama has done what he said he would in many ways … health care, stimulus … and has not accomplished other things …. closing Gitmo, immigration reform.
    Overall, I disagree with both vilifying and canonizing our President. I disagreed with it when President Bush was in office as well … and he received infinitely more criticism and outright hateful vitriol in his last two years (while trying to compromise with a Democratic led Congress) than President Obama has in three years. Calling the President names …. whether it be cowboy, Hitler, warmonger, weak, or socialist … does not advance the causes or reputation of our country.

    We still live in the greatest, most generous country in the world, no matter how our leaders spit and spat with one another. If we don’t like our representatives, we have the right to replace them. However, if our current President continues to appoint czars and regulating boards and changing the rules to his liking, we may ultimately lose that right.

    Thanks, Terry, for giving me this opportunity to blather.

  3. Pasquale says:

    I agree 100% …and more. Barack Obama inherited two disastrous and useless wars wars, an economy in meltdown, the worst banking fiasco since the Great Depression, a sadly tarnished international reputation, and a medical system, while the technological marvel of the world, is the most distorted and unfair system in the developed world. I’ve traveled extensively for work and adventure for over 30 years and I was always proud (almost to the point of arrogance) to showoff my American passport wherever I went. Obama’s predecessor changed all of that and it’s only been the last 2+ years that I’ve stopped getting rude comments and remarks when I reluctantly pull out my passport at immigration control. Now we have the same exact people (more like clowns if you’ve been watching the debates…..) who got us into this mess, bashing Obama and wanting a second chance to finish up destroying what they couldn’t destroy under the previous administration. We have got to pull this country back from the grips of the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party. They do not represent America.

  4. Theresa says:

    Good points! I agree wholeheartedly–and just to be fair I must point out that I was as appalled by all the Bush bashing that went on also. Is the level of disrespect rising? I don’t ever recall a member of congress yelling out, calling the president a liar before–so perhaps we are electing ruder leaders?

    And Obama DID get stuff done before when the Democrats had the majority in both houses–but that is a SAD state if we need such a majority to pass any legislation!
    Every president has a ridiculously hard job–I wouldn’t want it.

    It pisses me off that people judge so easily, yet if they were to try and be a part of the solution, they’d find out that NONE of the issues are as clear-cut and simple as people insistently try to make them. Life is complicated. Trying to make decisions in the majority’s benefit . . . is COMPLICATED.

    What happened to our humanity and compassion? Not on the global, show-off stratosphere– I think we’ve got THAT down. Can anybody explain to me how a nation so deeply steeped in debt with millions living below the poverty level, can AFFORD to come to the world’s aid after every disaster–natural and otherwise?
    I digress, our humanity and compassion in the daily, small ways that really count –when the eye of the world ISN’T trained on magnanimous, take-charge Americans.

    I’m absolutely disgusted with the lot that we put in Washington–and less than impressed with their alternative choices. I DREAD the coming season–the political phonecalls clogging my answering machine??? Yikes.

    How can I get on a “no call” list for political candidates?

  5. Karen Lin says:

    Everything you reward, you’ll see more of. For our country this truism is playing out right now to our detriment. Virtually none of our “leaders” are innocent of rewarding bad behavior on the part of China, banks, those who prefer to coast rather than work hard like most of us, and many many more entities. Nuff said. karen

  6. Jim Halon says:

    Obama is doing a fair job, considering the opposition he is met with at every hall he turns in the White House… He’s a General and his army is not following. One can’t fire the entire army, but the General, who is no longer functional, needs to recognize this and may need to retire instead of warring with a tin-ear, corrupt, Congress.

  7. sandi simpson says:

    Oh man, there’s nothing for me to argue with you on this one. I would like to add for your other followers, to find out exactly what the Health Care Reform means (instead of listening to those bogus emails sent by your friends insisting that it requires you to pay 3.8% interest on sale of home, death panels,illegal immigrant coverage, etc etc) go to factcheck.org. As Terry pointed out, most of congress didn’t read the actual entire bill. Why would you trust these people to tell you what’s in the bill? I think they got that same email from their friends! BTW, we could have had a government option which would have set a precedent for lower insurance premiums but for some unknown reason the republicans didn’t like THAT!
    I would also like to add – the contraceptive bill would have insured contraception be offered with no co-pay to everyone. It’s not enough that the catholics don’t want to cover contraception (against their teachings, although 90% of catholics use bc) but they don’t want their insurance to INFORM women of their alternatives. Without contraceptives, the need for abortion would go UP. You think they’d be in favor of this? I would also like to add, I do not recall an uproar from Christian Science Churches who have to provide health insurance to their employees. ANY medical intervention is against CS teachings! Thanks Terry!!

  8. betsy says:

    I agree. There are things I like and dislike about Obama but it degraded them all to speak that way.