The Bullshit behind the Barbarism

The KoranThe latest outbreak of butchery in Afghanistan should serve to bolster our resolve to wash our hands of these heathens. We’ve all heard what happened. Afghan garbage collectors working on the Bagram Air Base witnessed soldiers throwing books into a fire pit. One Afghan recognized a Koran and jumped into the flames to save it. “The Americans are burning our holy books.” This set off a wave of rioting across the country and the killing of US soldiers, high ranking military advisors, and many more of their own. At last count, 29 Afghans and six Americans are dead. All this butchery over a burned book? What kind of bullshit is that?

And here it comes, folks. Afghans have nearly bankrupted our country, taken thousands of American lives, and stabbed us in the back at every turn, but this time they’ve gone too far. Their outrage over the burned Koran would be justified if those soldiers had gathered in the street and lit the Muslim holy book on fire in a deliberate act of disrespect to their religion, similar to the way Afghans gather in their streets and burn our American flags in flagrant disrespect for us, but that’s not how the Koran came to be burned.

This Koran was among 1,652 books, some also religious in nature, that were once in the Parwan detention library where militant-terrorist prisoners (the Taliban – our enemy) had access to them. Afghan interpreters discovered the detainees had written messages inside these books, in the margins, and passed them around to each other. Some of these messages were benign while others were written in a language that the interpreters could not say for sure didn’t constitute a threat. For everyone’s safety, the decision was made to destroy the books. The soldiers who trucked them to the fire pit were on a simple work detail and had no clue to the nature of the trash they were hauling.

This Koran burning was not a deliberate act of disrespect, but still, Muslim leaders around the world are calling for the public hanging of the soldiers involved, the “criminals,” and their commanders, but not a single Muslim has voiced a demand to punish the militants who had defaced the holy books in the first place. Just the Americans. Just the soldiers who put their lives on the line every day for the Afghans’ right to burn our flag in their streets.

The enemy of our enemy is not our friend…

Yet our top military leaders and even President Obama have publically apologized to these heathens in hopes of thwarting further violence. It’s not possible. Barbarians don’t understand the concept of peace and tolerance and freedom. They want blood, by golly, in the name of their God, and they’re going to get blood. American blood.

But we’ll continue to send them our young men and women (who come back in boxes or in pieces), give them our money, (while we go broke), build their highways (as ours crumble), and feed their masses, (while their farmers grow 90% of the world’s opium).

When will we learn that we can’t help those who don’t want our help? When are we going to crawl out of the pigsty and say we’ve had enough disrespect? I say leave them to their barbarism. Let them butcher each other. Oink, oink.

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One Response to The Bullshit behind the Barbarism

  1. Vicki Pierce says:

    I agree 100%. It’s time to leave. You cannot negotiate with the criminally insane, you can only distance yourself from them while they destroy themselves and hope you don’t get hit by the shrapnel.

    And what does our government do? Apologize. Again.