Is it any Wonder?

I’m not here to say that Robert Bales is guilty of the massacre of 16 men women and children in Afghanistan. And I’m not saying they died because of some kind of vendetta against Afghans in general. The point I want to make here is that the attitudes and actions of the Afghans against Americans is bound to create a breeding ground for revenge killings.

Think about how hard it must be for our soldiers to watch the Afghans run amok in the streets demanding “Death to America.” Our soldiers have to sit back and watch Afghans burn our flags. They have to box and bury their fellow soldiers, advisors, and the civilian contractors and aid workers who were killed trying to help Afghans build better lives for themselves. Is it any wonder that more soldiers haven’t fought back, gone rogue, and started blasting away?

They have the firepower and the manpower to mow them down by the hundreds. But they don’t. They tolerate the bad treatment, the disrespect, and the animosity. They persevere in helping the un-helpable, because our soldiers are honorable men and women, sent to a godforsaken land to do a thankless job.

Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan had the nerve, the audacity to say the bad behavior of the Americans must come to an end. He wants us to get out of his country. Our honorable men and women are, in his eyes, the bad guys. But did he reprimand, chastise, or condemn the bad behavior of his people, those who rioted in the streets, killed our people in the name of Allah, and murdered each other, as well? No. Not a word was spoken against his people and their bad behavior.

So we have to ask ourselves, did one US soldier take enough of this two-faced abuse? Did he reach his breaking point after three tours in Iraq, only to be sent to Afghanistan for more of the same? How many tours of duty can we force on our soldiers and expect them NOT to go rogue and start blasting away? American Pork isn’t surprised the massacre happened. There’s no mystery as to why it happened. It’s just a miracle it hasn’t happened more often.

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3 Responses to Is it any Wonder?

  1. PV says:

    We just need to get the hell out……

  2. James Halon says:

    Right on Terry! Hamid Karzai doesn’t care how many people he kills around the world from his poppy fields. Bales probably killed off some future poppy pickers, good for him!

  3. Nan Trott says:

    I totally agree with your whole commentary.