Obama or Romney – Who will it be?

Romney or Obama

Who will it be?

My mail-in ballot has arrived. I now must make a choice before November 6th. During the campaigns, I’ve listened to the speeches and commercials and debates. I’ve done my research so I won’t form opinions based on rhetoric, spin, misleading claims, and flat-out lies. Each candidate is guilty of all the aforementioned dirty politics, twisting facts to meet their own agendas. It’s a pig sty of slop that’s hard to digest.

Simply put: Romney will reduce taxes for everyone by 20% but eliminate deductions so the government doesn’t lose revenue (which is slight-of-hand tax policy). He’ll balance the budget by making government smaller, reduce the federal workforce, and still create 12 million new jobs in four years. (He has a crystal ball.) He’ll kill Obamacare so insurance companies can regain control over our health care. He’ll reverse Roe v Wade, sending desperate women back into the hands of back-alley butchers, and return 716 Billion dollars to the health care providers who rip off Medicare.

Obama has failed to do some of what he promised during his campaign. Not for lack of trying. He’s had to battle against Republican filibusters and “The Pledge.” He gets the blame for the gridlock in Congress because he won’t compromise his values in favor of the rich by loading more debt on the backs of the middle class and elderly. Obama inherited two unfunded wars, had to save GM and a million jobs, shore up the failing banks who caused the collapse of the housing market and put millions of Americans out of their homes. Paying for these screw-ups, as well as a stimulus check for everyone, added another five trillion to the deficit. Obama gets the blame for that, too. He can’t get Congress to pass a budget. He can’t get Congress to put a limit on the deficit. We lost our 3A credit rating. He’s trying to fix the economy with his hands hogtied because the Republicans want the White House back. They will sacrifice anything and anyone to discredit Obama.

I now have to look past all this slop to decide which man I believe has the best chance of getting Congress to act on these issues. If Obama is reelected, it’ll be business as usual. He’ll face the same problems he’s battled the last four years, trying to work with a Republican Congress who wants him to fail. And he will fail again. It’s inevitable. And America will continue to suffer. Forget that he got Bin Laden, forget that he got us out of Iraq, forget that the stock market has recovered, that unemployment is going down, and forget that he’s the only President in history who was successful at reforming health care. But I can’t forget that I AM better off now than I was four years ago.

Still, as much as it pains me to say it, Romney may have better luck dealing with our dysfunctional Congress. Only Cngress can change the tax codes, the laws, and the spending, not the president, and our so-called representatives are well entrenched in their gluttonous ways. Our taxes won’t go down. My tax deductions are safe. Women won’t be forced back into the shadows. My health insurance company won’t be able to drop me, and I won’t get a voucher for my Medicare (when the time comes). Maybe he can get Congress to pass a budget, limit our deficit, and get our 3A credit rating back. Maybe not. Obama certainly cannot get it done, through no fault of his own.

So Romney will get my vote…on default.

Four years from now, when Romney has also failed to reduce the deficit, failed to create 12 million jobs, failed to fix the economy, failed to secure our boarders, failed to defend our embassies, and failed to stop the gun violence on our streets, then we can cry foul and call him a failure for not keeping his promises.

And by then, Obama will be retired and living in Hawaii. Good for him. He knows the truth. Congress is the problem. They are the pigs at the trough, slurping up the slop and getting fat and rich in the process. Romney has some hard lessons to learn about running off at the mouth.

That’s American Pork, my friends.

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6 Responses to Obama or Romney – Who will it be?

  1. If the problem is congress, and not the president – then focus there – Help give the president the congress he needs to get the best policies in place.
    Romney and Ryan are planning on attacking Roe V Wade, they’ve said it multiple times and it is in their party platform. Additionally they support “separate but equal” speak in regards to gay rights.
    If Romney has the congressional support to put his economic plan to work, that means he’ll have the congressional support to put his social agenda in place as well.
    As Chris Rock said, Obama may not have cured cancer, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for cancer. I’m going to vote for the guy who is trying.
    My 2 cents.

  2. smoores says:

    Terry, I appreciate your hopeful nature, but there is no guarantee that “responsible” justices will be appointed to the Supreme Court. We already have Bush v. Gore and Citizens United from the current court majority. In addition, this term you can expect this Court to further limit the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action in college recruiting. I rest my case.

  3. Obama had the house and senate for 2 years. He could have passed whatever he wanted. He wanted a single payer health care system. We are on our way to that now thanks to Obama Care, or is it Pelosi Care, or Romney Care? I don’t know really. But it is quite obvious that Obama didn’t want to create jobs, or lessen the tax burden on middle income families, or pass the dream act, or close Gitmo, or cut the deficit in half. I can only look at what did happen: A lot of spending, and not much to show for it. We are still at the same level of unemployment: 7.8% as when Obama took office. The economy is growing at such a slow rate that if the increase in gas prices was factored out, we would be nearly stagnant. 17 millon more people on food stamps. Terroist groups more emboldened: enough that they murder our citizens and raise their terrorist flag over our embassays and all with almost zero response from our government. Households forced to spend about 3000 more on gas, food, and health care.

    Congress passes the budget proposed by the President. Obama has proposed budgets, but no one, on either side, wants to put the stamp of approval on any spendy budget so we move along on a continuing resolution.

    Get real, on one is ever going to overturn Roe V. Wade. Seriously.

    Planned Parenthood, and many other programs need to stop getting government funding. We are GOING BROKE people. We MUST quit spending money we don’t have on programs that waste money. I have to pay 35 dollars as a co-pay for any medical service I get. Why can’t the ‘poor’ pay a co-pay for their planned parenthood medical service thus repalcing the money that comes from the government? Why should the ‘poor’ pay nothing when almost no one else does?

    American’s don’t even know the meaning of poor anymore. Whatever you pay for, you get more of.

    I know, I’m just a heartless conservative.

  4. Hi Terry
    A Republican Congress will support a Republican President until we get pissed and vote to replace them. That said, many of the policies that we value having come from Obama like the health care act will be crippled if not eliminated. We lost our home because of Republican policy to allow Big Business and Wall Street to do anything they wanted. Last year I nearly died and if Insurance Companies gain power again I will find myself uninsured. If Romney is successful in changing Medicare into a voucher system I will have no insurance in my retirement years. I can’t afford the deductibles as it is and often I go without my medication.

    I have never benefited from any government program, but my children do. They are both on Medicaid and Food Stamps because the father’s to their children refuse to help them, not because they aren’t working. My oldest has a very good job and is paid well, without the reforms that Obama put in place to enforce fair pay, she would not be making as much. Eventually, she will be able to go off food stamps and Medicaid despite her ex. (It’s a new job.)

    As for me, my family is long lived. My mother is still alive and her mother lived to be 104. However, if I lose health care coverage, I will probably be dead in ten years. I can’t afford Romney, no matter Congress. I don’t trust Romney, he made millions while advising companies to offshore jobs. I lost my job because of this policy and I haven’t been able to find one ever since. (Ten years!) This alone scares me about Romney.

    Writing is all I have. I hope that there will be a break through for me soon.

  5. Terry Wright says:

    Right you are about the Supreme Court consideration. However, my brain can’t fathom any responsible judge(s) appointed to the court who would vote to reverse RvW. I don’t recall any past attempts to reverse it, but I could be mistaken. And Congress would have to approve cutting funds to Planned Parenthood, which would be a career killer for any representative or Senator who voted to do so (women vote and they don’t forget when they’ve been wronged). The problem is I don’t have a crystal ball like Romney does, so voting for him carries with it great risks that are wholly dependant on assumptions. I’m hoping someone will talk me out of it. And Willard the Weasel. I LOVE it.

  6. smoores says:

    Have you forgotten the Supreme Court? The next president will likely be able to nominate two or more justices who will affect life in the US much more and for much longer than the president. Romney has said he would nominate justices like those who voted for Citizens United (“corporations are people, my friend”). He is also against a woman’s reproductive rights and against Planned Parenthood, which provides the only heath care services (e.g. breast cancer screening) that many women have access to. For these reasons, and the fact that Willard is kind of a weasel, I couldn’t vote for him. I’d rather have gridlock in Congress, especially since the economy is getting better.