Debunking Obama – The Keystone Pipeline

Obama has been blamed for killing the Keystone Pipeline project, costing Americans 50,000 plus jobs and higher prices at the gas pumps, when, in fact, Nebraska legislators (bipartisan) rejected the proposed route of the Keystone XL project through the Sand Hills area over the Ogallala Aquifer for environmental concerns. Most people don’t know the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Oklahoma and Illinois already exists and is in operation. It has suffered 30 leaks so far, some of which have yet to be cleaned up, so these environmental concerns have merit. On the advice of the Department of State and the EPA, Obama ordered environmental impact statements on 14 alternate routes. Republicans in congress, in an effort to give Obama a black eye over this issue, passed a bill in Dec 2011 to force him to approve the application for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline within 60 days or reject it. That didn’t allow enough time for the EPA to approve a new route so he was forced to reject it until further notice. Now he looks like the bad guy in all this.

Fact: The southern route of the Keystone XL pipeline is already under construction from Cushing, Oklahoma, to Houston and Port Arthur, Texas.

Fact: Halting the northern route from Canada to Steele City, Nebraska, did not cost Americans 50,000 to 100,000 jobs. The Department of State estimates it will take upwards of 6,000 temporary workers to supply and build the XL leg, and 20 full-time jobs to operate it.

Fact: The new timeline to start construction on the XL is projected for mid 2013.

Fact: The Keystone Pipeline will not bring down the cost of gasoline for American drivers. Oil companies sell oil to the highest bidder, and so far China has expressed the most interest in buying this oil from Canada. However, after reading the next fact, you may not want this oil anywhere near your car’s engine.

Fact: The oil (tar sands oil) is the dirtiest oil on earth, and Canada will pipe it across America’s heartland to Texas ports where it will be sold and shipped to China, Japan, and any other oil hungry countries. Remember, Canadians and the First Nations of British Columbia rejected the pipeline running across their territories to their ports, sighting the same environmental concerns. This dirty oil is harder and costlier to refine, thus it’s better suited for other uses than gasoline.

Fact: Mitt Romney has been saying that if he’s elected he’ll get the Keystone Pipeline project going again to create jobs and lower the price of gasoline for all Americans.

Now that you know the facts, you know Mitt Romney is just oinking in his pig pen. And that’s American Pork, my friends.

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