More Gun Control? – Really?

And this is going to save lives? By making assault weapons illegal? What are we thinking? Criminals don’t care about the law. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. They’ll get their guns; they’ll kill people with their guns. That’s the way it is.

Case in point: Have you ever been driving down the highway at the speed limit when some yahoo goes whizzing by you doing ninety? That guy doesn’t care about the law. If he did, he’d be doing the speed limit. He wouldn’t be crashing and killing people. So tell me, is the solution to lower the speed limit? Won’t that save lives? NO! That yahoo is still going to speed, he’s still going to crash and kill people while we law-abiding drivers are driving slower and taking longer to get where we’ve got to go.

That’s punishing the lawful for the sins of the lawless. Where’s the common sense in that?

Keep in mind, assault weapons don’t kill people. Crazy people kill people. There is no way to legislate these senseless mass murders out of existence short of the Minority Report. If you look crazy, we’ll punish you before you do something crazy. Isn’t that what background checks are supposed to do now, somehow weed out crazy people and refuse them a gun? And who makes the determination? A doctor? A judge? No. A clerk conducting the background check. Good luck with that.

On the issue of smaller magazines: Less bullets means the crazy person just has to take an extra second to change clips. And even if large-capacity magazines are outlawed, you can bet outlaws will be the ones who have them.

We send representatives to Congress to run our country, not our lives. These guys can’t even come up with a budget to save our country, but they sure are quick to jump on a bandwagon for more gun control. The result is more punishment for those of us who obey the law.

That’s pig-slop in the pen, my friends.

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