Cosmos – An Eye on the Stars? Almost.

Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson is over. If you missed the thirteen episodes of stunning imagery, highly imaginative content, and down-to-earth history, you can get it on disc, so don’t despair. I was especially touched by the story of Neil’s real life encounter and ensuing relationship with the originator of Cosmos, the late, great Carl Sagan. In my younger days, I admired Carl for his unique ‘voice’ and insights, and now I believe Neil has filled the man’s shoes snuggly.

So you’re probably wondering how Cosmos has earned a spot at the American Pork pig trough. It’s all about global warming, my friends. Neil, like Carl, stood in front of a camera and spewed the rhetoric of the human caused phenomenon that will destroy our planet. When Carl did it, I believed him. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas, and if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels, our planet will overheat and become the next Venus, shrouded in clouds with a surface temperature that will melt lead.

Back then, I was suckered into believing that we were doomed, but only because I didn’t understand the true motivation behind such so-called scientific claims. Money. That’s right. Money. I’m talking billions of dollars in research grants and project funding that would go away if the truth became known about the real cause of global warming.

Say you’re a scientist. If you want a piece of that pie, you have to get on that bandwagon. Oh, but once you’re on that bandwagon, and if you really believe we are heating up our planet you better give up your car, your heated home, your lighted rooms and city streets, and by god don’t you dare fly in a plane, ride on a train, or buy goods shipped by truck or vessel. Instead, live and work by candlelight and ride a bicycle made out of sticks. If you don’t, you’ll be just as hypocritical as Carl Sagan, Al Gore, and now Neil DeGrasse Tyson. They didn’t give up the very things they claimed would bring the earth to ruin.

Here’s the killer. Neil conceded that carbon dioxide is naturally produced in our environment. However, the carbon dioxide from manmade sources can be scientifically differentiated from natural carbon dioxide. He said that, folks, not me. But I’m here to tell you that statement is preposterous. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a molecule made up of one part carbon and two parts oxygen. Anything else would NOT be carbon dioxide. People watching Cosmos who don’t know that scientific fact will believe it’s possible to have different kinds of CO2.

Yes, the globe is heating up, on average four tenths of one degree Celsius since 1980, according to the IPCC. The increase in carbon dioxide traps that heat and warms the planet. That said, if CO2 is responsible for the surface temperature of a planet, then Mars, like Venus, with 96% CO2 in the atmosphere, would be hotter than hell. But it’s freezing on Mars, minus 80 degrees Celsius. The reason for the temperature variance is the planet’s distance from the sun, not the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. So common sense tells us that the sun is the determining factor in global temperatures, not CO2. What Neil didn’t tell us is that sunspot activity is at an all-time high, bombarding the earth with more solar energy than ever before. It’s the rise in temperature that causes the rise in CO2, not the other way around, as Al Gore and those money grubbing global warming scientists would have you believe.

The earth has its own built in CO2 ‘scrubbing’ system. Every plant, every tree, every blade of grass and wild weed consumes that CO2 and releases oxygen into the air. The biggest worry I have over this scrubbing system’s ability to function is the burning of our rainforests to clear land for agriculture. Neil and Cosmos did not address that problem at all. He and his producers and funders wanted only to alarm viewers of the consequences of burning fossil fuels. Thus, one of the greatest science shows ever produced managed to get in their political plug as if it were science fact. Shame on them. The CO2 in our atmosphere is miniscule compared to Mars and Venus, less than .04%.

Rest assured, everyone, this global warming fiasco is all about money. It’s the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon the population. However, just like those naysayers, I’m not giving up my car, my heated home and city lights, my trips and cruises. I’ll not be clubbed back into the stone-age, nor will I feel guilty for enjoying the benefits of our modern way of life.

Granted, we shouldn’t be pumping billions of tons of CO2 (or anything) into the air. We should be leaning more toward solar and wind energy. One day the coal will be gone. The oil fields will dry up. Meanwhile we should invest in hydrogen fuel and ‘cold fusion’ technology. We should stop burning our rainforests. And even after all this innovation, the sun will still control the temperature of our planet.

Cosmos will not be back next season, but perhaps in another 30 years a new scientist will host a new Cosmos wherein he (or she) will be warning us of an impending ice age that we are responsible for causing, thus the alarmists can keep bringing in the bacon.

And that’s American Pork, my friends.

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