The Trump Phenomenon

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super Trump. He flies in, spews pig slop from his mouth, and people eat it up like a passel of piglets at their momma’s teets. Republicans, Independents, and crossover Democrats form a sounder of swine that squeals and oinks at his heels like he’s the Pied Piper of political righteousness. What’s hard for me to swallow is that any American with any knowledge of how our government works (or is supposed to work) actually believes he’s fit to be the President of the United States.

He doesn’t understand, nor do his followers, that the President doesn’t make the laws. Congress makes the laws. The President can’t change the laws. Only Congress can change the laws.

Worse, Trump talks big but he has nothing to back him up.

He says he’s going to build a wall along the Mexican border. Where’s the money going to come from? He’s going to make Mexico pay for it. And even though Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has emphatically declared that Mexico will NOT pay for the wall, Trump continues to beat that drum, and his followers still believe he’ll make Mexico pay for the wall. When asked how he’s going to make Mexico pay for the wall, he never answers the question, simply goes on about how much NAFTA is a bad trade deal, how he’s going to make a better deal and ends with, “Believe me.” Why do people believe him when he doesn’t have a single fact to back up his claims?

Has it ever crossed his mind, or the minds of his followers, that if he builds a twenty-foot wall, the illegal immigrants will build a twenty-one-foot ladder?

If Trump becomes President, he’s going to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving millions of Americans without health insurance. Doesn’t he (and his followers) realize that Congress has voted 6 times to repeal and 54 times to defund the ACA and failed every time? Americans want affordable health care. They want preexisting conditions covered. They want their children covered until the age of 26. They want the cap on benefits removed so insurance companies can’t pull the plug on their health care if it gets too expensive. If Trump has his way, insurance companies, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers will again be in control of every citizen’s health care and purse strings.

What about the Iran Nuclear Agreement? He tells people it’s the worst deal ever made in the history of the world. “We give them 150 billion dollars and we get nothing.” STOP! The money was their money to begin with, money frozen in banks and financial institutions around the world (not just in the USA) when sanctions against Iran were put into place. “We” didn’t give them a nickel.

So, say Trump rips the agreement to shreds. What then? We reinstate our sanctions? Iran kicks out the UN inspectors? And what about the other countries who signed the agreement: UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany? Does Trump expect them to reinstate their sanctions against Iran? Remember, sanctions hurt both sides. Example: Iran cannot sell their oil on the world market, and the world market cannot sell wheat to Iran. Talk about a foreign policy disaster. Trump would stab our partners in the back, leave Iran to develop nuclear weapons, unhindered, and put the entire world on the brink of nuclear war.

Trump is a blowhard. He talks without thinking, encourages his followers to resort to violence against their fellow Americans, and he verbally abuses anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He demeans women, minorities, Muslims, and he even insulted a Vietnam veteran and ex-POW, John McCain. Trump can’t beat his opponents on substance and policy so he crushes them emotionally, as any bully would do.

What I want to know is how Trump supporters don’t understand the consequences of a Trump Presidency? Are their heads buried in the pig trough so deep they can’t see the light? It’s the only way I can explain the Trump phenomenon.

And that’s American Pork, my friends.

PS. I realize Ted Cruz’s policies are not much different or any less dangerous than Trump’s, after all, they’re both Republicans, but it’s their delivery that sets them apart.

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One Response to The Trump Phenomenon

  1. Hi Terry
    It certainly is mind boggling how Trump has risen. I read an article a couple weeks ago that said our military doesn’t have to obey him if he orders them to brake international laws. Thus he can’t just bomb anyone. I slept a little better that night. The House and Senate won’t work with him, more good news. So, Trump will likely just adorn the White House with gilded gold, take council with his brain, and be the most ineffective President in history.