The Case against Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been accused of lying to Congress and lying to the FBI. When her use of a private server was discovered, a Republican witch hunt ensued. She was accused of storing classified emails improperly. She said there were no classified emails on her server. A Congressional investigative committee demanded she turn over the emails on her server to prove none were classified. She complied through a private company handling her server, with one exception. She had them delete her private emails first and only turn over the emails that contained State Department business.

The committee determined, that out of 30,000 plus emails, a small number of them (I’ve heard 3 – or – 9 –or – 100+ ) were in fact classified ‘secret’, but only because they had retroactively classified them.

The FBI investigated the claim that she endangered national security by using a private server. They determined that she did in fact have classified material on her server, a claim which she denied. The FBI also determined that there’s no evidence that her server was ever hacked, and that the classified information was ever leaked. They said she should have known the email was classified because of an inconspicuous “C” in the header, which she was not familiar with, but they contend she should have known.

Here’s the rub. For every email there’s a sender and a receiver. Someone had sent her emails with a “C” in the header to an address that was NOT Whoever sent those emails jeopardized national security, but there’s NEVER been any investigation into who sent them. That’s because the investigator’s intentions were to discredit Hillary Clinton and make her look like a liar to the American public.

So the FBI decided not to recommend the DOJ press charges against Hillary. She had broken no laws and no harm was done, as no information was leaked. In order to prosecute her, the content of those ‘classified’ emails would have to be revealed in court to prove they were classified. However this ‘evidence’ against her is ‘classified’ and cannot be revealed, so there’s no chance in hell she’d ever be convicted. Knowing Hillary haters would condemn the FBI for this action, Director James Comey, a Republican, inflicted as much damage as possible by making a highly unprecedented judgment of his own, stating that she was ‘extremely careless’ in the handling of classified information.

So without the DOJ’s ability to prosecute Hillary Clinton, the Congressional committee investigating her considered charging her with perjury, lying to Congress, which IS against the law. However, she never knowingly lied to Congress, as the emails were not classified, to her knowledge, until Congress retroactively classified them. They’d also have to reveal the ‘sender’ of the emails with the “C” in the header, which is not on their agenda to stop Hillary Clinton from running for President. Even if they did charge her, they’d have to prove she knew, beyond a reasonable doubt, those few emails were classified (emails they can’t reveal), so there’s no chance in hell they’d get a conviction.

Hillary Clinton’s case is not prosecutable.

She made a mistake using a private server. She’s admitted as much and apologized. For most American’s, that’s good enough, but for those who want to keep smearing her in the mud, it’s still fodder for their agendas.

And that’s the American Pork truth of the matter, my friends.

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