The Flynn Fiasco

General Flynn didn’t wake up on the day Obama slapped sanctions on Russia for interfering in our election and decide to call the Russian Ambassador and tell him Trump would fix it. Makes no sense he’d do this of his own volition. He had no reason to go ‘rogue.’ I believe President Elect Trump instructed Flynn to make that call(s) to assure Russia that those sanctions would be reversed after the inauguration because Trump didn’t believe Putin was involved in the hacking. All Russia had to do was NOT retaliate, which would create more problems in the opening days of Trump’s new administration. Trump would then commend Putin for his restraint and declare him to be very smart.

Should the call(s) be discovered, the conspiracy included an agreement to deny any conversation regarding the sanctions. When the call(s) was discovered, puppet Flynn acknowledged the call(s) but denied any discussion of the sanctions, even to the point of lying to the Vice President (assuming he was in the dark on this conspiracy). Then Flynn had to walk that back and say sanctions might have been mentioned, he didn’t remember for sure. Russia, doing their part, also denied there was any mention of the sanctions.

What they didn’t count on: the phone conversation was recorded by our intelligence agencies, which proved the sanctions were discussed and that those discussions were the main reason for the call(s). (Transcript(s) not released) As the heat intensified from the media and the DOJ, ever-patriotic Flynn played the scapegoat and resigned (or was forced to resign). Turns out, almost three weeks ago, the DOJ had informed the White House (Dan Pfeiffer) about the existence of a transcript of the call(s) and the possibility Russia might blackmail Flynn with his part in the conspiracy. I don’t believe the White House staff failed to relay this information to Trump, (that would be beyond incompetent) thus I believe Trump was fully aware that his part in their scheme was about to be exposed. He hoped it would blow over, but after 17 days, he was forced to sacrifice his long-time friend and supporter to save his own neck, sighting a loss of trust in Flynn (yup, Trump threw him under the bus). Trump’s further silence on the matter is akin to the proverbial ostrich with his head in the sand; maybe it’ll all go away, however, the Democrats smell blood. This is far from over.

Bottom line: only 25 days in the Oval Office and Trump’s White House is already embroiled in a major scandal. How many scandals did the Obama White House incur in eight years? Oh, yeah: ZERO.

Oink, oink.

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