Every Legal Vote Must be Counted

The 2020 election is over when every last legal vote is counted and certified by each state. What is considered a “legal” vote? That is determined by the STATES, not Donald Trump. As per the Constitution, the states elect the President and Vice President, not the Federal government. Electors are appointed by the states to cast the states’ electoral votes for the candidate who won in that state. The number of state electors is determined by the number of representatives that state has in the Senate and the House. States have their own laws and rules that govern how their elections are carried out. Just because Trump doesn’t agree with the states, doesn’t make their citizens’ votes illegal or fraudulent. He has no right to say which votes can be counted and which votes must be thrown out. Every legal vote must be counted. I’m sure the Supreme Court will agree no matter how he’s stacked it.

So Trump cries the election is rigged. Illegal votes for Biden were cast and counted in every swing state that Biden won. States that Trump won are not in question, of course. Anyone who believes this ‘rigging’ nonsense hasn’t considered the complex logistics and the army of conspirators it would take to pull off such an illegal operation. Never mind the “chain of possession” every ballot must go through, from receiving, to verifying, to scanning, to recording, to archiving, he’d like his supporters to think that millions of fraudulent ballots slipped through security and got counted illegally. In favor of Biden and not him. Remember the 3 million illegal votes he’d claimed were cast for Hillary that got her the popular vote in 2016? Even the commission he’d ordered to investigate that illegal activity came up with nothing and quietly disbanded within three months of his election.

It’s ridiculous for anyone to believe that rigging the election is even possible.

I get it. Nearly half of Americans love Trump. They’re disappointed, maybe even angry. His supporters don’t care about his lack of moral character, his philandering, bullying, name-calling, and lying nature. They voted for him to ‘drain the swamp’ but can’t see that he IS the swamp. He works for free but plays golf on our dime ($109.5M to date = 273 years of Presidential salary) more than Obama ever did. He said he was going to keep the Mexicans out, build a big, beautiful wall that Mexico will pay for. BS. And what about the Muslim ban? If that’s not racist, what is? He was going to replace Obamacare with something much better and much cheaper. That never happened. He’d said he’d only bring into his administration ‘the best people’…how many have been indicted and imprisoned…and he’s fired some of the best civil servants this country has ever employed because they were disloyal to him. But that’s okay. He’s done so much for America, you say. America First. Make America Great Again. More BS. This country has always been great, not perfect, but great, a beacon for the world, until now; we’re a laughing stock thanks to Trump. Our word can no longer be trusted (our agreements: Paris Climate Accord, Pacific Trade Partnership, Iran nuclear deal). He’s plunged our nation another $7.3 trillion in debt. His punitive tariffs and the trade war with China: you say that’s a good thing; he’s sticking up for America. BS. His self-indulgent policies will cost our descendants their fortunes. If you believe otherwise, he’s got you hoodwinked.

It’s beyond me how anyone could want this buffoon to remain in the White House another term. The votes have been counted. He lost. No matter how much he cries foul, he’s gone. We the people of dignity and honor have spoken.

And that’s all the bacon, folks. Oink oink.

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