Obama or Romney – Who will it be?

Romney or Obama

Who will it be?

My mail-in ballot has arrived. I now must make a choice before November 6th. During the campaigns, I’ve listened to the speeches and commercials and debates. I’ve done my research so I won’t form opinions based on rhetoric, spin, misleading claims, and flat-out lies. Each candidate is guilty of all the aforementioned dirty politics, twisting facts to meet their own agendas. It’s a pig sty of slop that’s hard to digest.

Simply put: Romney will reduce taxes for everyone by 20% but eliminate deductions so the government doesn’t lose revenue (which is slight-of-hand tax policy). He’ll balance the budget by making government smaller, reduce the federal workforce, and still create 12 million new jobs in four years. (He has a crystal ball.) He’ll kill Obamacare so insurance companies can regain control over our health care. He’ll reverse Roe v Wade, sending desperate women back into the hands of back-alley butchers, and return 716 Billion dollars to the health care providers who rip off Medicare.

Obama has failed to do some of what he promised during his campaign. Not for lack of trying. He’s had to battle against Republican filibusters and “The Pledge.” He gets the blame for the gridlock in Congress because he won’t compromise his values in favor of the rich by loading more debt on the backs of the middle class and elderly. Obama inherited two unfunded wars, had to save GM and a million jobs, shore up the failing banks who caused the collapse of the housing market and put millions of Americans out of their homes. Paying for these screw-ups, as well as a stimulus check for everyone, added another five trillion to the deficit. Obama gets the blame for that, too. He can’t get Congress to pass a budget. He can’t get Congress to put a limit on the deficit. We lost our 3A credit rating. He’s trying to fix the economy with his hands hogtied because the Republicans want the White House back. They will sacrifice anything and anyone to discredit Obama.

I now have to look past all this slop to decide which man I believe has the best chance of getting Congress to act on these issues. If Obama is reelected, it’ll be business as usual. He’ll face the same problems he’s battled the last four years, trying to work with a Republican Congress who wants him to fail. And he will fail again. It’s inevitable. And America will continue to suffer. Forget that he got Bin Laden, forget that he got us out of Iraq, forget that the stock market has recovered, that unemployment is going down, and forget that he’s the only President in history who was successful at reforming health care. But I can’t forget that I AM better off now than I was four years ago.

Still, as much as it pains me to say it, Romney may have better luck dealing with our dysfunctional Congress. Only Cngress can change the tax codes, the laws, and the spending, not the president, and our so-called representatives are well entrenched in their gluttonous ways. Our taxes won’t go down. My tax deductions are safe. Women won’t be forced back into the shadows. My health insurance company won’t be able to drop me, and I won’t get a voucher for my Medicare (when the time comes). Maybe he can get Congress to pass a budget, limit our deficit, and get our 3A credit rating back. Maybe not. Obama certainly cannot get it done, through no fault of his own.

So Romney will get my vote…on default.

Four years from now, when Romney has also failed to reduce the deficit, failed to create 12 million jobs, failed to fix the economy, failed to secure our boarders, failed to defend our embassies, and failed to stop the gun violence on our streets, then we can cry foul and call him a failure for not keeping his promises.

And by then, Obama will be retired and living in Hawaii. Good for him. He knows the truth. Congress is the problem. They are the pigs at the trough, slurping up the slop and getting fat and rich in the process. Romney has some hard lessons to learn about running off at the mouth.

That’s American Pork, my friends.

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Fiasco in Florida

Rally for Justice

I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut about the killing of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. What happened on that rainy night in Florida is really none of my business, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it is everyone’s business. Everyone who watches over their neighborhood to keep their fellow residents safe, everyone who peeps out their widows to keep an eye on their neighbors’ homes and properties, everyone who sees suspicious activity and calls the cops, everyone who thinks they should be their brother’s keeper, God forbid them to actually do something to protect their community…or ultimately themselves.

Common sense dictates what happened that night. George, driving through his gated community on his way to the store, spots a suspicious person in the area, stops and calls police. Trayvon runs. George gets out of his car and tails him to see which way he’s going so the police might catch him. They tell him not to follow the suspect, so George returns to his truck, where the blindside assault takes place because Trayvon is appalled at George’s audacity for following him, suspecting him of criminal activity, or calling the cops on him. Whatever the reason, for sticking his nose in Trayvon’s business, George deserved a bashed in skull, a broken nose, and a beatdown.

George finds himself on the ground, dazed and bloody, fists pummeling him. Fight or flight instincts kick in. Trayvon is on top of George, so flight is out of the question. He screams for help, but no one comes to his aid. The gun he legally carries is his only recourse, and as consciousness starts slipping away, as well as rational thought of the consequences of using the gun, he gets off a shot into Trayvon, not with the intent to kill him, but to end the beating. One bullet guided by fate or the hand of God, no one knows, takes Trayvon’s life.

The cops question George for five hours, determine it was self defense, and release him without charges. That sets off a firestorm of criticism and demands for justice and Zimmerman’s arrest. So in comes a hot shot special prosecutor with a second degree murder charge. This has to happen, you understand, to stem the possibility of violence in the streets, rioting, the burning and looting of stores, the beating of innocent drivers trapped in blocked intersections. George has got to pay for protecting himself. It’s for the good of the community, as a whole.

So let this be a lesson to you, or any civic-minded citizen who even thinks of volunteering to serve their community or insert themselves into a dangerous situation to help the police nab a suspicious person. If things go wrong, that same community is going to lynch you. No good deed goes unpunished.

And that’s American Pork, my friends.

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Is it any Wonder?

I’m not here to say that Robert Bales is guilty of the massacre of 16 men women and children in Afghanistan. And I’m not saying they died because of some kind of vendetta against Afghans in general. The point I want to make here is that the attitudes and actions of the Afghans against Americans is bound to create a breeding ground for revenge killings.

Think about how hard it must be for our soldiers to watch the Afghans run amok in the streets demanding “Death to America.” Our soldiers have to sit back and watch Afghans burn our flags. They have to box and bury their fellow soldiers, advisors, and the civilian contractors and aid workers who were killed trying to help Afghans build better lives for themselves. Is it any wonder that more soldiers haven’t fought back, gone rogue, and started blasting away?

They have the firepower and the manpower to mow them down by the hundreds. But they don’t. They tolerate the bad treatment, the disrespect, and the animosity. They persevere in helping the un-helpable, because our soldiers are honorable men and women, sent to a godforsaken land to do a thankless job.

Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan had the nerve, the audacity to say the bad behavior of the Americans must come to an end. He wants us to get out of his country. Our honorable men and women are, in his eyes, the bad guys. But did he reprimand, chastise, or condemn the bad behavior of his people, those who rioted in the streets, killed our people in the name of Allah, and murdered each other, as well? No. Not a word was spoken against his people and their bad behavior.

So we have to ask ourselves, did one US soldier take enough of this two-faced abuse? Did he reach his breaking point after three tours in Iraq, only to be sent to Afghanistan for more of the same? How many tours of duty can we force on our soldiers and expect them NOT to go rogue and start blasting away? American Pork isn’t surprised the massacre happened. There’s no mystery as to why it happened. It’s just a miracle it hasn’t happened more often.

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The Bullshit behind the Barbarism

The KoranThe latest outbreak of butchery in Afghanistan should serve to bolster our resolve to wash our hands of these heathens. We’ve all heard what happened. Afghan garbage collectors working on the Bagram Air Base witnessed soldiers throwing books into a fire pit. One Afghan recognized a Koran and jumped into the flames to save it. “The Americans are burning our holy books.” This set off a wave of rioting across the country and the killing of US soldiers, high ranking military advisors, and many more of their own. At last count, 29 Afghans and six Americans are dead. All this butchery over a burned book? What kind of bullshit is that?

And here it comes, folks. Afghans have nearly bankrupted our country, taken thousands of American lives, and stabbed us in the back at every turn, but this time they’ve gone too far. Their outrage over the burned Koran would be justified if those soldiers had gathered in the street and lit the Muslim holy book on fire in a deliberate act of disrespect to their religion, similar to the way Afghans gather in their streets and burn our American flags in flagrant disrespect for us, but that’s not how the Koran came to be burned.

This Koran was among 1,652 books, some also religious in nature, that were once in the Parwan detention library where militant-terrorist prisoners (the Taliban – our enemy) had access to them. Afghan interpreters discovered the detainees had written messages inside these books, in the margins, and passed them around to each other. Some of these messages were benign while others were written in a language that the interpreters could not say for sure didn’t constitute a threat. For everyone’s safety, the decision was made to destroy the books. The soldiers who trucked them to the fire pit were on a simple work detail and had no clue to the nature of the trash they were hauling.

This Koran burning was not a deliberate act of disrespect, but still, Muslim leaders around the world are calling for the public hanging of the soldiers involved, the “criminals,” and their commanders, but not a single Muslim has voiced a demand to punish the militants who had defaced the holy books in the first place. Just the Americans. Just the soldiers who put their lives on the line every day for the Afghans’ right to burn our flag in their streets.

The enemy of our enemy is not our friend…

Yet our top military leaders and even President Obama have publically apologized to these heathens in hopes of thwarting further violence. It’s not possible. Barbarians don’t understand the concept of peace and tolerance and freedom. They want blood, by golly, in the name of their God, and they’re going to get blood. American blood.

But we’ll continue to send them our young men and women (who come back in boxes or in pieces), give them our money, (while we go broke), build their highways (as ours crumble), and feed their masses, (while their farmers grow 90% of the world’s opium).

When will we learn that we can’t help those who don’t want our help? When are we going to crawl out of the pigsty and say we’ve had enough disrespect? I say leave them to their barbarism. Let them butcher each other. Oink, oink.

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Pro-lifers, tell me, what’s the solution?

Thumbs up for the Pro-life vote

Just the other day, a woman put Mitt Romney on the spot during a town hall meeting in Kalamazoo Michigan and demanded he take a stand on the abortion issue. His response: “We need people who recognize that pro-life is the way to go, and we’re getting more and more people joining our cause as time goes on. I’m a pro-life person, and I’ll be a pro-life president.”

Exactly what does this mean in real-life terms?

I hear it all the time: “Repeal Roe v Wade. Stop abortion now. We are a nation of baby killers.” Pro-lifers stand on their soap boxes and spew this kind of rhetoric time and time again, but not a one that I’ve heard, or heard of, or could find on the Internet, claims to have a solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancies.

A normal person would assume that Romney and Pro-lifers want things to go back to the way they were before Roe v Wade, when desperate women were forced into the hands of back alley butchers to get an abortion. Back to a time when both she and her doctor could be incarcerated for decades should it be discovered they’d aborted an unwanted pregnancy. Back to a time when women used coat hangers to do it to themselves.

Is this what Mitt Romney would have women do?

Abortion isn’t anything new. It goes back to Roman and Greek Empires where it was practiced freely. And the pros and cons have been debated ever since, by nearly every nation and every creed. In the United States, the death rate from illegal abortions created the need for anti-abortion laws to restrain women from subjecting themselves to a procedure that put their lives in such serious peril. Not to protect the fetuses, mind you, but to protect women from their own desperation.

What is the alternative to going backward in history? Should we force women to have unwanted children? Should we incarcerate and/or institutionalize these pregnant women to wait out the gestation period under state supervised medical care until the baby is born? Strip them of their rights as we strip any felon’s rights? Make them do things they don’t want to do?

Is this what Mitt Romney would have us do to our women, our teenage daughters?

And what about the unwanted children born into this system? Statistics range in the millions. According to the National Adoption Clearinghouse 500,000 people are waiting to adopt children. Should the state go into the business of adopting out babies, distributing babies? Or should the state set up a huge network of foster homes and orphanages? Who is going to pay for all this? We can’t even afford to educate the wanted and loved children we already have.

So then exactly what does Mitt Romney mean by his pro-life rhetoric? Remember, he was Pro-choice during his gubernatorial race in Massachusetts. Why the flip-flop now? Because he thinks he’ll get more votes from the pro-life movement than from the pro-choice people. He’s taking this stand for his own personal gain, not to protect unborn babies or women’s rights.

He’s a classic example of American Pork in action.

For those of you who want to know, here is a link to Roe v Wade, the actual rulings by the three judges. Don’t read the syllabus, read the words of the men who took on this debate and had nothing personal to gain by doing something about the problem of unwanted pregnancies. You’ll find no rhetoric here: Roe v Wade

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Our President is not a Whipping Post

I don’t know about you, but as an American, I am sick to death of hearing the Republican candidates and talk show hosts bash our President. Barack Obama was duly elected by the majority of the people, and he deserves the respect his office affords. He’s not to blame for the financial crisis, the housing market meltdown, the unemployment rate. He’s not to blame for the health care fiasco. He’s not America’s whipping post.

Everyone who points the finger at him and cries “Obamacare”, for example, doesn’t understand how the system works. Obama had a vision for this country, to eradicate the worst insurance company practices perpetrated against the American people. This is nothing new. Since the early 20th century, Presidents have been trying to reform our health care system, but they couldn’t get Congress to act against their most lucrative financial supporters. Obama did.

However, it was Congress who made health care reform into an 1100 page fiasco. I took the time to read it (well, most of it). Did you? Nearly every paragraph has references to ten other paragraphs; it’s next to impossible to follow. Congress convoluted health care so badly that everybody hates something about it, but guess who gets the bad rap for it:

Our President, Barack Obama.

This blame-game makes for great talk radio and debate fodder, to wit Glenn Beck. If it wasn’t for freedom of speech, this guy would be in prison for treason. He bashes the President. He bashes the country. He preaches our doom and how he’s been warning everyone for the past two years that the Obama administration is going to bring us to our knees. He sells a lot of books to people who will mosey up to his pig trough and gobble up the slop. Dan Caplis is another arm-chair politician who professes to know what’s best for this country. He calls our President “weak” and demeaning to the world. If he’s so damn smart, why doesn’t he run for President? Because he can make more money sitting behind a radio mike and bashing the man who has stepped up to take the whippings for health care, the bailouts, and the stimulus package that so horribly failed.

Was his stimulus package his failure? Congress passed the law to give us all some spending money. To get the economy going. I got my check. I spent it. Did anyone here send their check back to the government and tell them “no thanks?”

Congress, not Barack Obama, bailed out the banks and the auto makers. Of course they did. Big money begets big favors. He agreed to the bailouts because his advisors told him countless jobs would be saved. Countless retirement accounts would be salvaged. Mine was. Were the bailouts a failure? Not for me, but ask Beck. Ask Caplis. Ask the Republican presidential wannabes. They have the answer. The bailouts were a failure; blame it on Obama.

Congress is the pig in the room, folks. And we are the ones who put them there, so lay the blame where it belongs. Whip them and not our President. That’s American Pork.

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This CBS Poll is a Joke


Come on! “Do you feel the country is headed in the wrong direction?” What kind of question is that if not over-the-top sensationalism? It assumes that the country IS headed in the wrong direction, so when 75% of Americans answered yes, anyone with a shred of common sense should conclude the answer is subjective. An unemployed person’s vision of where the country is headed has to be different than an investment banker on Wall Street. A housewife, a single mom, a homeless drunk, a retiree, a factory worker, and an entrepreneur would all have different expectations from our government. Thus anything that works against those expectations would garnish a ‘yes’ answer and completely ignore the facts.

If you don’t want to buy health insurance and the government is going to force you to buy it, the country is headed in the wrong direction. If you are an investment banker and Congress is about to stick you with tougher regulations, the country is headed in the wrong direction. If you are a general in the army and you’re about to be pulled out of a combat zone, the country is headed in the wrong direction. If you’re a senior citizen listening to talk about cutting entitlements, the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The list of examples is endless, I’m sure, so this CBS Poll is actually meaningless. However, it gets one’s blood pressure up and the blame finger wagging. Never mind that seniors just got a 3.7% raise. Never mind that our troops are finally pulling out of Iraq. Never mind that Federal, State, and City governments are being forced to trim their budgets to operate within their means. Never mind that health insurance companies can’t deny you coverage anymore. Never mind that retail businesses are booming and consumers are spending more than ever. Never mind that the stock market has recovered more of its losses than experts predicted. This list of examples is endless, as well.

I’m fed up with Obama being blamed for everything that’s wrong in the eyes of the 75%. Fifty four percent of those polled said he doesn’t deserve to be President for another term. Never mind that he’s the only President who succeeded in any kind of health care reform. Never mind that he bailed out the banks and the auto industry and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs (and last I heard over 90% of that money has been paid back). Never mind that he got Osama bin Laden, Never mind that he’s ended the war in Iraq. And for everything the 54%ers say he’s failed to do, don’t forget he’s up against a Republican congress determined to undermine him at every turn in hopes of pissing off enough voters and regaining the White House in the next election.

So CBS, your poll is a joke. But worse, it’s a sham perpetrated on us for the sake of journalistic sensationalism. I’m sick and tired of all the whining. And for those doing all the whining (Occupy Wall Streeters included) move to another country so the rest of us don’t have to listen to it.

Oink Oink. And that’s American Pork.

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The Super Committee was Destined to Fail

Americans for Tax Reform

On the eve of this country’s darkest financial hour, the Super Committee is no longer trying to reach a deal on the nation’s deficit. They are trying to decide how to tell the American people they have failed to come to an agreement. The sorry part about the whole fiasco is that the Super Committee was destined to fail from the start. And here’s why.

Any business that’s in financial trouble must do two things to recover. One: reduce expenses. Two: Increase revenues. This is business 101, folks. Anything less is certain bankruptcy. So as the United States attempts to solve its financial woes, it too must adhere to this strategy. Congress, having failed to reach an accord last summer, voted into law the Budget Control Act which setup a Super Committee of six Democrats and six Republicans. They had six months to find a way to trim 1.2 trillion dollars from the deficit over ten years. As the nation held its collective breath, what we didn’t know at the time was that the Republicans on that committee had signed a pledge not to raise taxes for any reason.

What “pledge”? It’s called the Taxpayers’ Protection Pledge, the brainchild of Grover G. Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. He is said to be the most powerful man in Washington.  Republicans running for office, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President of the United States are forced to sign this pledge or suffer certain defeat at the poles. And if one should be so foolish to renege on the pledge they’d signed, the ATR would spend untold sums of money to inform that Republican politician’s constituents and get them voted out of office, essentially ruining his or her political career.

And here are the names of the Super Committee Republicans who sold out their country for their careers:

Jon Kyl – Arizona, Rob Prtman – Ohio, Pat Toomey – Pennsylvania, Jeb Hensarling – Texas, Fred Upton – Michigan, Dave Camp – Michigan

The entire list of shackled Republicans is here (PDF): http://tinyurl.com/7qxola8

So with their proverbial hands tied behind their backs, the Republicans entered into negotiations demanding cuts to Social Security and Medicare rather than risk their careers on any measure that would raise taxes. Mind you, the proposed increased taxes were not new taxes at all, but the monies recouped by simply allowing the Bush tax cuts on the rich to expire. Still, the Republicans held firm and demanded the Democrats approve a deal that would land the country’s debt on the backs of the elderly, the sick, and the poor. That’s not only unethical, it’s morally reprehensible.

So what’s next? Congress had included a measure in the Budget Control Act which stated that, should the Super Committee fail to reach an agreement, 10% cuts in spending across all government agencies would go into effect automatically… in January 2013, that is. In reality, Congress had simply given itself 13 months to rescind that measure, and guess what, folks, it’ll be business as usual in Washington.

Already I’ve heard my fellow Americans blaming Barack Obama for the Super Committee’s failure. Democrats blame the Republicans. Republicans blame the Democrats. But who is really to blame? Grover G. Norquist.  Here’s a link to pledge for Senators. (PDF) Read it and weep.


How’s that for American Pork?

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The Beginning of the End of America

I’m worried that the Occupy Movement is doing more harm to this country than any good that could possibly come of it. It’s turning American against American, not just protesters against rich people, not just cops against protesters, but citizens against citizens.

Facebook is full of dissent: anti-government rhetoric, anti-establishmentarianism, pro lawlessness and pro civil unrest and disobedience. And for what? The rich shouldn’t be rich. The wealth of this country is in the hands of the few. Capitalism should be abolished for equal financial security for all… ah… as I recall, that’s been done before. It’s called Socialism. Its brother is Communism. If you don’t know what these government ideologies are, do some homework. http://www.diffen.com/difference/Communism_vs_Socialism 

Occupy protesters stand against social inequality. They offer no solutions (other than anarchy) and band together under the banner of free speech to break the law. For their efforts, they get clubbed and pepper sprayed and tossed in the slammer. As they well should be.

But wait. I must be wrong about that. At UC, Davis on Thursday, protesters erected tents on campus. They were told to take them down by 3:00 pm Friday or they would be removed by force. The protesters chose to defy the order. Police were called in. So protesters linked arms and blocked the sidewalk and grassy area to bar police from removing the tents. They were warned to disperse or they’d be forcibly removed and arrested. The vilified cop even paced back and forth in front of the seated protesters showing them the pepper spray canister he would use on them if they didn’t move. Still, they refused to comply.

What were the cops supposed to do? Say okay and go home? Kick back and have a beer (which I’m sure they’d rather have done). Hell no. They did their jobs. But to hear the outcry on Facebook and other blogs about police brutality and the end of free speech, the protesters become the martyrs. Not because they are martyrs (they’re criminals) … but because Americans are turning against Americans.

I’m not part of the 1%…far, far from it, but I’m also not part of the so-called 99%. I’m tired of these occupiers claiming to speak for me. They’ve hijacked the rest of us law-abiding Americans to tear down our country, raise hell in the streets, and make it look like the cops are at fault. Then an alarming number of fellow Americans sympathize with the protesters. I don’t understand how mob mentality can be tolerated. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way. If so, it’s the beginning of the end of America.

And that’s the American Pork truth, as fat and dirty as it is.

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The Fall of an American Icon

Penn State Seal

People have asked me why I haven’t chimed in on the Penn State Sex Scandal. “Sex Scandal?” That couldn’t be further from the truth. This scandal isn’t about sex in any sense of the word most of us are familiar with. It’s about sexual assaults on boys that went unpunished in the name of football. The attitude that prevailed: there’d be no tarnishing Penn State’s shining star. Football brings a ton of money to the university, and if anyone knew that one of their coaches was a sexual predator, financial support for the team would suffer.

That said, it’s hard to find criticism with the apparent kneejerk reaction from university officials who fired Coach Paterno. He never assaulted anyone. Yet I have disdain for him, not because he didn’t call the police on Sandusky, not because he relayed McQueary’s observations to his bosses, Schultz and Curly, but because, after nothing came of the accusations, he continued to associate with Sandusky, even allowed him access to the university facilities, after knowing full well what the predator had done to a boy in the locker room back in 2002. That’s nearly ten years of silence from the head coach. It’s despicable. How could he even look Sandusky in the eye without vomiting? Paterno deserves to lose his job, deserves to be shamed, deserves his fall from grace because he put his job and the reputation of his football team above the welfare of a child.

 And so heads roll all the way to the top. What this boils down to is the old saying: “When you fly with crows, expect to get shot at.” Though they hadn’t participated in the crimes, Paterno, Curly, Shultz, and McQueary all conspired to protect the black raven of their flock, and now they are paying the price for their loyalty (and their cast-iron stomachs).  Did president Spanier deserve to get the axe, as well? It’s not hard to believe he knew what Sandusky had done, what he continued to do with immunity, and that the university had to keep a lid on it (cover up) or lose a ton of money. Spanier had to have known, and if he didn’t, he should have. These crimes against kids happened on his watch.

That’s American Pork, my fellow football fans. It doesn’t get any sicker than this. Or does it?

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